Studio is coming along

Today I do not have a painting to post. I have been helping my Dear Sweet Sam get my studio outfitted with lights, sewer,insulation,pegboard,AC and etc..  WE dug 3 18"  ditches yesterday.The yard looks like a Mole was here.... LOL   OH my, That was HARD. I haven't worked that hard in years. That was worse than doing yard work and I hate yard work. I am still moving this morning but slow.  WE are getting too old for this kind of endeavor. Hopefully we will b ready for me to move in soon. I sure hope so.   My daughter and boys will help this weekend.  YEA they are fit,strong and young..     I will post another photo of my studio. 
I love the top photo. It is my niece Amy and her twins, Ashley and Emily. They are my first 15 month old Great nieces and art students. (  I did start my grand children out but not this young..)   They seemed to love painting a picture for their DAD, birthday. Amy and I had fun watching them...Thanks Amy for the Fun.    Wish me luck that I get moved into my Studio real soon...Barbara
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