Buffalo or Bison | Barbara Haviland - Blog

Buffalo or Bison | Barbara Haviland - Blog
I found this big guy in Wyoming a few years ago. He was massive and he must have liked me as he kept following me down the fence. It dawned on me that the fence was not secure enough for me, so I got back in the truck to finish my photo taking. Anyway, here is my painting of him.
Title Buffalo
Medium oils on canvas
Size  16"x12"
Signed and purchase  175.00


Julie Ford Oliver said...

What a neat viewpoint. That eye in the cross of the wire draws me in...then the horn.
I am in awe of these huge beasts so I would have got into the truck too. Saying that I cannot think of another animal who has such an imposing overall shape. When I first went to Yellowstone National Park I grew to admire them very much.

Barbsgarden said...

Thank you Julie for your comment.

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