Himalyn Manal #38 50birds in 50days for $50Each | Barbara Haviland - Blog

Himalayan Manal #38 50birds in 50days for $50Each | Barbara Haviland - Blog
Habitat: Mountainous regions; in summer, they are found in rocky, grass covered meadows and winters in coniferous and mixed forests.
Description: The males are adorned with beautiful metallic colors of green, purple, red and blue; they also have a large white patch on the rump. The breast and underparts are black and the tail is copper. You can see from the photograph on the right, that the males also have a very long crest, much like a peacock. The male also has a bare patch of turquoise blue skin around the eye.The hens, while much duller than the male, are still attractive. They are basically mottled brown overall, with black, buff and white streaks. Her throat is white and she has a short crest. Hens also have the blue patch around the eyes. First year males resemble the hens, but are larger and have black feathers on the neck and breast.  My cousin sent me a photo of this bird to paint.  I hope I have done him justice.
Title  Himalayan Monal
Medium oils on canvas panel
Size 7"x5"
Signed and framed

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